Live In Paris

Paul, Didn’t spend much time mastering the tunes. Spent less than 5 minutes on some of them when I usually spend 30-45 minutes per tune so its a bit rough but serviceable. Let me know what you think. Final layout and artwork here too. At the bottom of the page are links to the raw video and audio files. At the very bottom is the .pdf file I used to print CD print materials.


Quickie Mastering (.MP3)

1.Shake It P.Orta

2.Up The Line W.Jacobs

3.You Better Believe It P.Orta

4.Help Me A Millar,W Dixon, R Bass

5.Hugs N.Mindelis

6.Get Out Of My Life A.Toussaint

7.Fine Fine Frame P.Orta

8.Got My Mojo M.Morganfield

9.Hoochie Coochie Man W.Dixon


Image file (.bin) for CD duplication/replication

WinISO (Windows software for mounting image)


Complete raw audio file 84.5MG .MP3
Complete raw video file 1.2GB .MP4


Live_in_Paris_CD_Jewel (PDF)

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