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BackPorchBlues_CoverWebFinally, after several years, a new album from Paul Orta. This recording also features Little Ray Ybarra, a great traditional bluesman. Raw old-style blues just as you like it. BIG time blues recorded roughly. This album will take you back in time with sounds you may never hear live again. Most of the tracks have been recorded in one cut.This album is a tribute to the one- man band, Dr. Ross, and is also dedicated to Jimmy Reed, who revealed the blues to Paul Orta, who shares the same birthday.Close your eyes and you may think that these musicians are playing in your living room.Paul Orta is one of the few traditional blues harmonica players still performing. Together with Little Ray Ybarra this duo is a killer, two masters laying down an album for people who love real blues.

Paul Orta Vocals & Harmonica
Little Ray Ybarra Guitar, Kick Drum & Hi-Hat
Dan Moser Harmonica Tracks 10 & 11
Jes Doll Tambourine Tracks 1 & 2



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